TriDeGo - Is your new format of communication in the virtual space.

Creating and holding online exhibitions, 3D virtual stands, online conferences and events.

Detailed Exhibits

Wide Functionality

Easy to Use

High Efficiency


TriDeGo - Is the new future of online events!!

Today, more than ever, businesses and individuals need to optimize their interaction with customers, partners or just with each other. For this purpose, our team has developed a virtual platform called - TriDeGo.

The TriDeGo platform - is a virtual environment of new opportunities. Online exhibitions, conferences, presentations, showrooms, virtual offices, advertising companies, training, galleries and much more.

The TriDeGo platform - is thematic collective or individual online exhibitions, conferences, various online shows or events with an unlimited number of visitors and participants.

Take part and create a new 3D world with us. Or choose your avatar and enter the event of interest in the 3D virtual world as a visitor.

You can also construct your own online event with a limited number of attendees at your invitations.

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TriDeGo Platform Features

Wide functionality and ease of use.

Mobility and convenience

You can visit the online platform from any multimedia device connected to the Internet. On a PC or Mac, you can log in through a web browser. For Android and iOS, mobile applications are being developed.

Custom design

There are no limits to your imagination. We will create an online exhibition, stand or event based on a custom design or project. We will integrate your corporate style or develop a new one.

Holding of conferences

We will create or hold online conferences. We will provide a platform for online presentations or negotiations. Events can be held either publicly or privately. The possibility of broadcasting on the screens of the online platform.

Conclusion of deals

TriDeGo online marketplaces are provided with an integrated system for making deals with your partners. The system is certified and meets all safety requirements.

Interactive 3D exhibits

We will create 3D models of exhibits (equipment) at a scale of 1:1. The exhibits will be interactive and able to demonstrate the operation of any components or mechanisms.

Posting of information

An opportunity to widely present your company or product. Placement of posters, banners, online links, catalogs, advertising videos, etc. Request for a technical and commercial offer by one button click.

Overview video of the EMT interactive online exhibition

Evolution of Machine Technologies (EMT), an interactive virtual online exhibition for metalworking, has been created on the TriDeGo platform. There are 3D models with interactive functions of metalworking equipment exhibits; rooms for online presentations, negotiations or webinars; a hall for large-scale online conferences.

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video TriDeGo

Avatar creation

Create and customize your 3D avatar in your profile.

Voice and text chat

Communicate via voice or text chats in real time.

Exchange of business cards

Provide your business card by one click on the avatar.

Convenient avatar control

Interact interactively with exhibits and other exhibitors via intuitive and user-friendly controls.

3D Virtual Exhibition Stands

Options for various types of virtual stands.

TriDeGo Platform Projects

Visit and view completed projects on the TriDeGo platform.

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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions on the TriDeGo platform.

Entering any online exhibition is very easy. For more efficient operation of all functions, we recommend entering via the following applications:

- For PC or Mac – click on the exhibition link in your web browser. Recommended browsers are Chrome and Mozilla Firefox;

- For mobile devices on Android and iOS – via the app that can be found in the Google Play and the App Store.

The TriDeGo platform allows you to hold large-scale online conferences, presentations, negotiations or online webinars. The extensive capabilities of the system allow you to hold lectures, as well as broadcast presentations, document files, photos or videos on a virtual screen. You can interact with event participants in voice or text chats.

You can create either a public or a private event.